Organization of the

United States Infantry Battalion

1940 to 1945


The organizational evolution of the United States Infantry Battalion is remarkably straightforward compared to that of its allies and enemies.  This study covers the Battalion as found in the Infantry Regiment of Infantry Division and can be roughly divided into the following stages;

1.    The Battalion organization adopted in late 1940, prior to US entry into the conflict proper.

2.    The first wartime draft of April 1942, which effectively provided the template for future developments.

3.    The revised organization of July 1943, which with minor modifications would serve on all fronts through to 1945.

4.    The ‘Redeployment’ organization intended for use in the invasion of Imperial Japan.

The US Army did trial a number of alternatives to the standard Infantry Battalion organization, however almost none of these saw overseas service.  Any that I am able to compile will be added here.

Below are links to the files that make up this study.  The first is a narrative of the Battalion organization and how it evolved between 1940 and 1945.  This also includes appendices on weapons, ammunition and communication equipment.  There are then separate files detailing in full the information as found in the Tables of Organization for the unit concerned.  This gave the authorised numbers of personnel, transport and weapons for the unit at full strength and in all cases is derived from copies of the original documents.  Where they are available details of officially authorised Changes are also included.

All files in the below links are in PDF.

United States Infantry Battalion organization 1940 to 1945

United States Infantry Battalion October 1940

United States Infantry Battalion April 1942

United States Infantry Battalion July 1943

United States Infantry Battalion February 1944

United States Infantry Battalion June 1944

United States Infantry Battalion (Redeployment) June 1945


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