Organization of the

German Infantry Battalion

1938 to 1945


The German Infantry Battalion underwent a constant evolution during the course of the war.  This study covers only those that would be found in the Infantry Regiments of Infantry Divisions and can be roughly divided into the following periods;

1.    The immediate pre-war years of 1937-1938 and the Battalion types as found in 1939.

2.    The Battalion reorganization effected in late 1939 that effectively remained in force until the end of 1943.

3.    The neu Art reorganization introduced in late 1943 and the adjustments to this that resulted in the Type44 Infantry Division.

4.    The Volks Grenadier organization introduced in late 1944 that was intended to become the new standard.

Other variations of German Infantry Battalions will be detailed separately, as and when they are compiled.

Below are links to the files that make up this study.  The first is a narrative of the Battalion organization and how it evolved between 1938 and 1945.  This also includes appendices on weapons, ammunition and communication equipment.  There are then separate files detailing in full the information as found in the multiple Kriegsstärkenachweisung (KStN) tables issued for such units.  These gave the authorised numbers of personnel, transport and weapons for the unit at full strength and in all but a few cases are derived from copies of the original documents.  Where they are available amendments are also included, likewise will be any relevant information from additional documents.

All files in the below links are in PDF.

German Infantry Battalion organization 1938 to 1945

German Infantry Battalion b October 1937

German Infantry Battalion a October 1937

German Infantry Battalion c October 1939

German Infantry Battalion February 1942

German Infantry Battalion (amended) May 1943

German Grenadier Battalion nA December 1943

German Grenadier Battalion nA (amended) March 1944

German Grenadier Battalion nA (Type44) May 1944

German Volks Grenadier Battalion September 1944

German Volks Grenadier Battalion November 1944

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