Organization of the

British Motor Battalion

1938 to 1945


The British Motor Battalion existed in a number of forms prior to and during the Second World War.  For the purposes of this study the following types of Battalion are examined;

1.    The first version of the Motor Battalion of 1938 (as found in the Mobile Division) and its successor of early 1940 (used by the Armoured Division).

2.    The modified organization of the Motor Battalion fielded in the campaign in North Africa, during 1942 and 1943.

3.    The Motor Battalion of the Armoured Division (and certain Independent Armoured Brigades) from 1944 to 1945.

Below are links to the files that make up this study.  The first is a narrative of the Battalion organization and how it evolved between 1938 and 1945.  This includes an appendix on signal equipment.  There are then separate files detailing in full the information as found in the War Establishment for the unit concerned.  This gave the authorised numbers of personnel, transport and weapons for the unit at full strength and in all cases is derived from copies of the original War Establishment tables.  Where they are available amendments are also included, likewise will be any relevant information from additional documents.

All files in the below links are in PDF.

British Motor Battalion organization 1938 to 1945

British Motor Battalion July 1938

British Motor Battalion February 1940

British Motor Battalion December 1941 (as amended)

British Motor Battalion (Middle East) August 1942

British Motor Battalion (Middle East) October 1942

British Motor Battalion June 1943

British Motor Battalion January 1944

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